Easy Candle Care Tips

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Carefully filled in England and encased in iconic, colourful glass vessels, British Bespoke is proud to bring you an excellent selection of Scented Candles. Here’s our five-step guide to getting the most out of your new candle…

Tip one

A Wick Trim

Before lighting your Scented Candle, be sure to trim the wick. This helps to control the burn, avoiding an enlarged flame, and it means less soot is produced, keeping your candle in tip-top condition.

We recommend trimming the wick(s) to around 5mm. Ensure it’s trimmed each time before you begin burning your candle

Tip two

Burn Time

Extinguish the candle after four hours of burn time, cool for a further two – you will receive a scent from the “cold throw” of the wax once extinguished. So essentially 6 hours of Fragrance 😊

Tip three

First Burn

Ensure you take special care the very first time you burn your new candle. You should burn your candle for one hour per inch in diameter of its size, at the minimum. This will help to prevent memory rings or ‘tunnelling.’ Let the top layer of wax liquefy and reach the edges of the jar. Then your candle will burn down evenly and not just down the middle.

Tip four

The Grand Finale

When you’re ready to put your candle out, be sure to extinguish it with a snuffer. Leave plenty of time for the smoke to clear before carefully covering it.

Tip five

How to Store

Candles should be stored away from sunlight and with their lid on. Condensation on the surface of your candle, air bubbles and changing consistency are signs that your candle has been stored incorrectly or for too long. Gently wipe the surface before burning, if you’ve noticed any condensation or dust. And, after storage, you should let your candle sit at room temperature before lighting.

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