Wax Lyrical: A sustainable delight

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Some interesting info from the FAQs on the Wax Lyrical website.

What type of wax do you use?

We use paraffin wax for our candles, as in our experience, no other wax performs as well as paraffin. The Wax Lyrical paraffin wax blend was developed after extensive testing. It has excellent fragrance throw and performs very well for all other properties such as appearance and stability.

We also offer a vegetable wax blend which can be bought in our RHS Wildscents range.

Where does paraffin wax come from?

Paraffin wax can be found naturally, occurring on the leaves and fruits of many plants, such as on the skin of apples. Most of the paraffin wax used today is derived as a by-product from crude oil, which contains the wax from the plants that lived 500 million years ago. The wax exists, unchanged, as a fraction of the crude oil and is simply separated from the oil and cleaned.

What is the difference between paraffin wax and other waxes, like soy?

Both paraffin and soy candles have their strength and weaknesses. There is no such thing as the perfect candle wax for containers. Candle makers have to balance the following competing attributes;

  • Good appearance
  • The wax should look good naturally and also be easy to dye.
  • Perfume
  • The cold and hot throw performance.
  • Burn performance
  • No sooting, smoking, tunnelling or clubbing.
  • Stability
  • No fading or bleeding.

Are your products vegetarian/vegan friendly?

All of our products are vegetarian friendly, and nearly all of our products are vegan friendly. The only products that are not suitable for vegans are some of our vegetable wax candles, as these contain beeswax. We do not test any of our products on animals.

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