Wax Lyrical

Wax Lyrical is a great British brand and the UK’s largest home fragrance manufacturer.

Expertly crafted in the English Lake District since 1980, Wax Lyrical's fine fragrances will enrich your home, raise a smile, awaken your senses and instil heart-warming moments of calm and cosiness.

Our home in Cumbria ignites inspiration through ever-changing landscapes, awe-inspiring vastness and the opportunity to reflect and rejoice. Through our products we aim to infuse a glimpse of this inspiration into each of your homes and create moments to wax lyrical about.

Fragrance is a personal preference, we all detect different tones in the same scent, and in discovering our most favourite fragrances we shape our own individual aromas of choice. Our mantra is: ‘your home is a reflection of who you really are’, and so our mission is to help you to adorn your own spaces with your signature ambience, for life’s best moments.

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